May 24, 2014

I realize this evening that I have spent time in one way or another with one or more of you for the past four days in a row. I guess this isn't really all that unusual, and the important thing isn't the number of days, really, but the fact that each of these days included very special experiences of connection with you all. And I understand for most of us we are regularly involved in meeting related events or exchanges like the men's group or one of our spiritual nurture or retreat events; or a meaningful, extended personal conversation one on one with someone in the meeting; or helping each other with professional or personal needs; or having the support of Friends at an event where we invite meeting participation. I know that each of us is deeply appreciative of the webs of (F)friendships related to the meeting that support and nurture so much of our lives. Isn't this what we really mean when we speak of community!? Gratitudes to all of you for your part in our precious meeting.