Praying for God


I have been worrying about - and praying for - God lately. Assuming there is a God of metta-consciousness who oversees in some coherent and loving way the welfare of this little blue planet called Gaia, what a challenging responsibility God must be facing these days. A cancer has invaded this complex, interdependent creation, abusing and misusing it without regard for its sacredness. An evil growth of consumption eats away at Gaia’s life blood.  The experiment has reached a crisis point of sustainability. I can imagine even this omnipotent God wondering what to do.

So God might ask: What possible protocols of treatment have worked in the past that might be tried again for this unique situation? Are there immunological miracles that might work? Or surgery? Or some sort of extreme, experimental nuclear-chemo therapy of last resort before the whole system collapses?

And then I imagine God having an inspired moment of imagination and creativity that is even surprising to God. Why not introduce a completely unpredictable element of incoherency that will force the whole endangered system to either become its own immunological system or destroy itself on its own? God’s ultimate gift to the people of Gaia, after all, was free will! I imagine the God of Mystery and Power and Love creating an experiment of introducing a false god with a narcissistic persona that presumes to be equal to God. Let the people know what kind of godlikeness this type of behavior might produce! Then the people can choose between a self-serving god of wealth and illusory power or a God of compassionate care for the health and well-being of the beautiful gift of Gaia.The radical nature of the experiment is needed because of the radical nature of the crisis. But I can imagine God agonizing over the fate of Gaia, this ethereal creation that was gifted with such love and trust that she would be tenderly protected and sustained forever.

So I worry that God may be terribly anxious about this radical treatment experiment now underway. Did this God of Truth and Love provide too much latitude for action in the false god of lies, cold-heartedness and empty promises? Will the people be able to respond to the threat posed in time to stave off full collapse? So I am concerned about God these days. It must be an anxious time of waiting. I share the feeling.

But then I think of all the intrinsic ways Gaia can use in responding to this form of crisis in support of God’s radical experiment. I think of joy, and song, and kindness, and hope, and imagination intrinsic to all her creatures. I think of the patience of the trees and the life giving forces of air, water and land. I think of the value of courageous resistance to oppression and nonviolent actions of cooperation and solidarity that have overcome tremendous political challenges in the past.

I know that God remembers all this as well and is paying close attention to the potential healing at hand. We also need to pay close attention to the loving nudge here, the firm push there, the risks of courage needed to help God preserve this lovely Gaia. We have a choice.